Does Computer Hope have an app, magazine, book, or CD?

Updated: 07/13/2023 by Computer Hope
Computer Hope book

Unfortunately, with the requirements of our website, answering e-mail, and limited staff we have not been able to complete an app, book, CD(compact disc), PDF (Portable Document Format) files, or publish a magazine.

Are there plans to create a book in the future?

We would love to develop a Computer Hope DVD (digital versatile disc), printed book, or PDF that our users can read when they do not have Internet access. When this happens, Computer Hope updates this page.

How can I read Computer Hope offline?

For now, if you need a hard copy of our material for offline reference, and you have a printer, print any of our pages. To do so, click the "Print" link in the bottom-right corner of any Computer Hope page. We've designed our pages to be printer-friendly.

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If you want a PDF file, send any print job to a PDF, see: How to create a PDF.