How to find out when a new game is going to be released

Updated: 08/31/2020 by Computer Hope
Diablo 2 box

A new game release date is all determined by the game developer. Check with the developer for any release date and news on the status of the game. Because many companies have missed their announced released dates, today, most companies no longer give an exact date, and at best, may only mention the release year.

Phase of development

The phase of development of a game is a clue to when a game may be released. If the game is in alpha or internal testing, the game likely has more than one year left in development. A game in beta or public beta testing means it's closer to being released but could still take a year or more to be developed.

A release date is never a guarantee

Although most companies try to be as accurate as possible, a release date is never a guarantee. However, when the company has created the golden disc, which is the final copy used for duplication, it's safe to assume the date is correct.