Getting Windows 95 and 98 to boot to MS-DOS

Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope

In Windows 95 and Windows 98, you can boot into MS-DOS instead of Windows if you need to run MS-DOS for older programs and games.


Remember that when dealing with any system files, be cautious of what is changed. If the files are changed inappropriately, the system may not boot.

Click Start, Shutdown, and Shutdown the computer in MS-DOS mode.
Type cd\ to get to the C:\> prompt.
Type attrib msdos.sys -r -a -s -h
Type edit msdos.sys
Locate the line BOOTGUI=1 and change the line to BOOTGUI=0
Save the file and reboot your computer.


These steps will not work for any version of Windows after Windows 98. If you want to boot to a command prompt, consider using a bootable diskette.

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