How do I determine if Full Duplex is enabled?

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope

Follow the steps below for instructions on how to test full duplex.

  1. In Windows 95 or Windows 98, open a copy of Windows Sound Recorder, which is located in the Start menu under Programs, Accessories, and then Multimedia. If you are running a later version of Microsoft Windows, this may be under Programs, Accessories, or Entertainment.
  2. Open a second instance of Sound Recorder.
  3. Bring up a wav file to play. The wav file must be at the same frequency as the one you are about to record. To check the frequency, go to File, Properties of the Sound Recorder. The frequency will be listed next to 'Audio format'. If the wave file plays while you record, your full-duplex drivers are installed properly.

If you are running a different operating system, similar steps to the above can be performed. Open multiple instances of a sound recorder and play and record a sound file at the same time.

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