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Updated: 12/09/2018 by Computer Hope
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This document lists SUWIN errors that may occur when installing Windows. Click on one of the following SUWIN errors that you are experiencing.


this document is not related to troubleshooting SUxxxx error messages (where xxxx represents a number).

SUWIN error with PINGEN.DLL or Windows product key

A SUWIN error can occur after entering the Windows product key because of any of the following reasons:

  1. You are attempting to install or run setup from the floppy diskette and the incorrect product key is being entered.
  2. The computer date is entered improperly.
  • Verify that the date is the correct date. If not the correct date set the date and time to the correct values.
  • Verify that the correct product key is being entered.
  • If you misplaced your product key, contact your computer manufacturer to have it re-issued. If you purchased Windows separately from your computer, you can contact Microsoft to retrieve your product key.

SUWIN Warning SU0167 during Windows setup

When attempting to reinstall Windows, you may receive the error message:

SUWIN Warning SU0167, the specified directory contains a directory named desktop that you must move or rename before setup can continue. For more information, see SETUP.TXT on setup diskette 1 or the Windows CD.

This issue can occur if you create files or folders on the Windows 98 desktop before you uninstall Windows 98. Then when reinstalling you will receive this error because a desktop folder already exists on the computer.

To resolve this error at the MS-DOS prompt type the following commands.

cd\windows <press Enter>
move desktop old <press Enter>

SUWIN Error in Setupx.dll during Windows setup

When attempting to install Windows, you receive the following error messages.

An error has occurred in your application. If you choose ignore, you should save your work in a new file. If you choose close, your application will terminate.

Virtual memory is disabled in Windows 3.1. To resolve this issue, enable virtual memory by following the following steps.

  1. In Program Manager open the Main group.
  2. Open Control Panel.
  3. Double-click 386 Enhanced.
  4. Click Virtual Memory and click change.
  5. In the type box click Permanent or Temporary and then click Ok.

SUWIN Fault in Unknown when upgrading to Windows

When upgrading to Windows ME, you may receive the following error.

This program has caused an illegal operation and will be shut down. SUWIN caused an invalid page fault in module Unknown at 0000:XXXX XXXX.

This issue can occur when Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 is installed on the computer. To fix this issue uninstall SQL Server 7.0 before upgrading to Windows.

SUWIN caused illegal instruction in module GDI.EXE at 0001:16EF

This issue occurs on Workgroup add-on for MS-DOS systems configured to use the basic network redirector. Run setup after starting workgroup add-on for MS-DOS using the full redirector.

To start workgroup add-on for MS-DOS with the full redirector, type:

net stop <press Enter>

Once the above is typed, log off the computer and type:

net start full <press Enter>

Once the above is typed, log back onto the computer.

  • See the net command for further information and other options with this command.

SUWIN.EXE caused an invalid page fault in SETUPX.DLL

Computer has Creative Labs SBLive! and the Emu10k1.vxd has not been loaded. Locate the file emu10k1.vxd and rename it to

Other SUWIN errors

SUWIN issues can occur because of any of the following reasons.

  1. Computer is set improperly.
  2. Incorrectly configured Windows.
  3. Memory management software is incorrectly configured.
  4. Computer has a GSI BIOS.
  5. Double-buffering is required for your hard drive, but is not enabled.
  6. Cirrus Logic video card driver installed that is incompatible with Windows setup program.
  7. There is an antivirus enabled in your computer's CMOS settings.
  8. More than 1200 TrueType fonts installed on the computer.
  9. Computer using mismatched memory.
  10. Faulty hardware or motherboard.

Incorrect BIOS settings, or system is overclocked

Ensure that all the correct settings are set in CMOS Setup. SUWIN errors can occur if the CPU, RAM, cache, hard drive (bus mastering) or other hardware devices are configured improperly.

Consider trying the following recommendations.

  • If you have overclocked the computer, set the overclocked device to its proper setting.
  • Disable cache.
  • Disable UltraDMA.
  • If available, you may want to consider restoring the default values if an available option.

Computer date is set improperly

Ensure that the date is properly set on the computer.

Incorrectly configured Windows setting

If you are running the Windows setup from within Windows, exit from Windows or use a bootable floppy diskette and run setup for Windows from an MS-DOS prompt.

For additional information about creating a bootable diskette, see our boot disk guide.

Memory management software is incorrectly configured

If memory management software is installed on the computer verify that it is configured properly by temporarily disabling the software.

Computer has a GSI BIOS

If the computer has a GSI BIOS, contact the computer or motherboard manufacturer for additional support on resolving this issue.

Double-buffering is required for your hard drive, but is not enabled

If the hard drive requires double buffering, make sure it is enabled.

Cirrus Logic video card driver installed that is incompatible with Windows setup program

Run setup from MS-DOS instead of through Windows.

There is an antivirus enabled in your computer's CMOS settings

Some computers may have a feature in the CMOS Setup, which allows the computer to scan and help prevent computer viruses from infecting the computer. Make sure this option is disabled in CMOS if found. If this allows setup to complete, this feature can be enabled after the installation of Windows.

More than 1200 TrueType fonts installed on the computer

If you are upgrading Windows from a previous operating system and more than 1200 True type fonts are installed on the computer, you may experience a SUWIN error. If more than 1200 True type fonts are present on the computer, try deleting or moving the fonts and then run setup again.

Computer using mismatched RAM

If the computer is using mismatched memory, for example, EDO, non-EDO, or different memory speeds it may be causing your issue. Consider removing the added memory from the computer if the system has enough memory for the operating system being installed.

Faulty hardware or motherboard

If the above recommendations do not resolve the issue, contact the computer manufacturer for support, service, or replacement.

If the computer is a custom built computer, consider replacing or removing peripherals in the computer that may not be required as they may be defective. For example, remove any PCI or ISA cards, including any network cards, sound cards, and modems. If the computer has an on-board video or sound card, disable that device in CMOS Setup (if available).

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