Prompt to press F1/F2 each time computer boots

Updated: 06/30/2020 by Computer Hope
F1 and F2 function keys

If you are prompted to press a function key each time you boot your computer, the following steps may help you resolve the issue.

New hardware was recently installed

If new hardware was recently installed in your computer, you may receive the prompt "Press F1 or F2 to enter setup". If you receive this message, the BIOS (basic input/output system) needs you to verify the configuration of your new hardware. Enter the BIOS setup, verify or change your hardware settings, save your configuration, and exit. If you continue to receive errors, continue to the next step.

Error or confliction with settings in BIOS

If no new hardware was added or you continue to get this prompt, verify no error or conflictions exist in BIOS. Press the indicated key to enter setup and verify that all settings are correct.


If your time and date are not set correctly, your CMOS battery is more than likely bad. Try setting the correct time and date, save the settings and then reboot. If, after turning off the computer the time and date get reset again, replace the CMOS battery.

If the time and date are correct and everything else appears to be correct, try resetting the BIOS values to their default settings.

CMOS battery is bad or failing

If you continue to receive the prompt to enter setup each time the computer boots up and you have attempted the above suggestions, your CMOS battery is bad. We recommend you replace the CMOS battery.