How to create a partition using fdisk

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope

Note: Before creating a primary partition, delete other partitions. If a primary partition has been created, but you want to create an extended partition or additional drive letters, skip to the second section of this page.

How to create a primary partition

Computer hard driveIt is important to note that if you want to create a partition larger than 2gig you must create a primary partition using FAT32. To do this, when entering fdisk, answer Y, for yes, to enable large disk support.

1 - Create Primary DOS Partition.

Once in creating a primary DOS partition, specify how big you want to create the primary partition. If you want to create additional drive letters do not specify the full amount of available disk space.

Note: Only one primary partition can be created on a hard drive.

How to create a logical DOS drive within an extended partition

1 - Create DOS partition or Logical DOS drive
2 - Create Extended DOS partition

It is important to note that you can only create one extended partition. You must enter the full amount of the maximum space available for logical drive. Later, the partition can be broken down into logical drives.

3. Enter the amount of the logical drive size in Mbytes or percent of disk. For example, Space (%)...[ 2000] which would be 2gig.

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