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Updated: 01/05/2018 by Computer Hope

Cable loose or not connected

atapi incompatible errorIf any hardware has been recently added or the computer has been recently moved, the IDE or power cables connected to the hard drive or the CD-ROM drive may have become loose or disconnected.

Caution: When inside the computer ensure you are aware of ESD and it is potential risks.

Verify that the hard drive as well as the CD-ROM, CD-R or CD-RW drive have at least two or more cables connected to them. One cable should be a gray flat cable (data IDE/EIDE cable) and the other should be the power cable. The gray flat cable should be connected to the motherboard or the interface card on your computer.

If the cables appear to be connected properly, disconnect the data and power cables and then reconnect them to ensure that they are not loose.

CMOS values not set properly

If you have checked all IDE/EIDE/ATAPI cables as described above, but you continue to have the same problem, the IDE/EIDE/ATAPI device may not be set up properly in CMOS.

Verify that if your hard drive or CD-ROM drives are IDE/EIDE/ATAPI and setup in CMOS properly. If the hard drive or drives are setup as Auto, values do not need to be checked.

Bad hardware

If you have followed the above steps and continue to experience the same issues your computer may have any of the following bad hardware devices:

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