Cyclic Redundancy Check or CRC error

Updated: 09/15/2017 by Computer Hope

CRC error in Windows XP

Network or Modem transmission issues

If you are attempting to open the file from a network or modem it is likely the network either is encountering collisions or other errors during the data transmission. Note: if the file is being sent through a session such as FTP or Telnet it may not be sent properly. If the file is a text file, the file must be sent as either ASCII or TEXT mode. If, however, the file is a program or non-text file (e.g. a picture) it must be sent as a binary file.

  • Re-send the file.
  • Try Alternate method of sending the file.
  • Verify the file was sent properly (ASCII, text, or binary)
  • Verify with Network Administrator that the network is not experiencing issues.

Removable media issues

If the file causing the CRC error is on removable media such as a Zip disk or floppy diskette, the disk may be damaged.

  • Scan the disk for errors
  • Try an alternate diskette or media

CD issues

If the file is being opened from a CD-ROM the CD is dirty or scratched causing read errors. If the CD was burned it is a bad burn.

  • Clean the CD-ROM
  • Re-burn the software

File is bad or program attempting to open the file is bad

Finally, if the file is being opened from the hard drive or other media, it is likely that the file is corrupted or the program opening the file is corrupted.

  • Download the file again.
  • Reinstall the program being used to open the file
  • Open with a different program
  • If the file is on the hard drive, run Scandisk and Defrag
  • Assume the file is bad and cannot be recovered

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