How do I get a boot diskette?

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope
Bootable floppy diskette

If you need a boot diskette for your computer, review the suggestions below.

  • Ensure that you do not have a manufacturer boot diskette. When computers are purchased from an OEM, the OEM will provide a bootable diskette.
  • If you have purchased an operating system from a retailer, it might have come with a bootable diskette. Or if you have a copy of MS-DOS diskettes, the first diskette in the series of the disks is a bootable diskette.

Newer computer operating systems, such as Windows 98 and Windows ME, have bootable CDs.

  • If you legally have purchased your copy of an operating system, we recommend that you use a friend's or company's computer to create a boot diskette. Once created and your system is restored, we then recommend that you create a boot diskette on your computer.

If you create the boot diskette on another computer, make sure that it is intended to boot the specific version of your computer's OS.


For additional information about creating a bootable diskette, see our guide on how to create a boot disk.

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