Information about MS-DOS 7.0

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope
Windows command line (DOS)

The latest standalone version of MS-DOS is 6.22. Microsoft Windows 95 and 98 included a version of MS-DOS known as 7.0. MS-DOS 7.0 can be used within Microsoft Windows, but it cannot be purchased as a standalone version.

The Windows Command Prompt (MS-DOS 7.0) is capable of running many of the commands available in previous versions of MS-DOS. However, some of the commands are no longer available in MS-DOS 7.0. If a command is not available in MS-DOS 7.0 (Windows 95 and above), it can still be referenced on our MS-DOS help page. Additionally, if a command is not available in MS-DOS 7.0 there is no method of getting older MS-DOS commands working in MS-DOS 7.0.

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