Monitor clicks, pops, or makes other noises

Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope

Noise when turned on or off

Computer monitorIt is normal for standard computer CRT monitors to make a click, pop, crackle, hum, buzz, or other noises when they are first turned on or turned off.

Noise when monitor goes into standby mode

When the monitor enters a "standby mode" or "power savings mode," this is similar to the monitor being turned off. It is completely normal for the monitor to make a noise when the monitor enters this mode.

Noise when opening Windows, other operating system, or when opening a game

When a computer opens its operating system, (e.g., Microsoft Windows) or when you run a computer game the monitor may need to switch its resolution. When switching resolutions, it is normal for the computer monitor to make a noise and flick or flash.

Noise during normal operation

If the computer monitor click, pops, or flashes while it is being used this is not normal operation. It is very likely that the monitor may be failing, or a component in the monitor has already failed and could also potentially be a fire hazard. We highly recommend that the monitor be repaired, replaced, and looked at by a qualified technician.

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