How do I find what computer modem I have?

Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope
External computer modem

If you're not sure what make and model of modem is installed in your computer, use the following steps to find out.

Microsoft Windows users

Microsoft Windows users can determine the modem that is currently installed in their computer by following the steps below.

  1. Click the Start and then click the Programs folder.
  2. Next, click the Accessories and then the System Information folder.
  3. In the System Information window, click the + symbol next to Components.
  4. Click Modem and in the right side of the window you'll see the complete information about the modem.

If nothing is listed, you don't have a modem in the computer.

Other methods of determining the modem type

  1. One of the best methods of determining the modem in a computer is to physically inspect the modem. On the modem you'll see the manufacturer, model number, and speed by opening the computer and physically looking at the modem.
  2. If you cannot locate a manufacturer or model number of the modem, but can locate an FCC identification number, we recommend you perform an FCC search using that number. For additional information about FCC numbers, see our FCC definition page.

Product listing or specifications

If you are trying to list all the specific information about your computer modem, specifying the manufacturer, type, model, and speed of the modem is sufficient. Below is an example of how this may look.

PCI 3COM 96 k modem

Drivers or installation

Replacement or repair

If you are trying to determine the modem because it needs replaced or repaired, we recommend the modem be replaced with another modem.