Why can I only hear and not see a video I downloaded?

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope
No noise

This issue may be caused by any of the reasons below.

Codec issue

This problem is often caused by a codec issue. A movie may be created to utilize a certain codec to allow the file to be smaller and more portable. However, for the movie file to be played in the media player it must also have the codec installed.

If the location where you downloaded the file did not contain a link to download the necessary codec, we suggest looking at our codec information page for help finding them.

Many times this particular issue is caused when the computer does not have the required DivX or XviD codec.

Video type is not supported

In some cases, certain video files require different video players. Verify the video format you are attempting to view is supported with your player and try viewing the file with a different player.

File is corrupt

If you have verified the steps above and are still unable to view the video, the video is corrupt or bad. Try downloading the video file again.