How to install Microsoft Windows 2000

Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope

Windows 2000Below are the steps required to install the standard version of Microsoft Windows 2000. It is important to realize that some computer manufacturers have their own proprietary versions of Windows 2000 on a restore disc. Therefore, the steps may not apply to your specific situation. If you are unable to install Microsoft Windows 2000 using the following steps, we recommend you contact your computer manufacturer for additional help.

  1. The standard Microsoft Windows 2000 CD is bootable. Therefore, start by placing the Windows 2000 CD in your computer and reboot.
  2. As computer boots it may prompt you to press any key to boot from CD. Press any key. If you do not get this prompt or are unable to boot from the CD see can't boot from CD or DVD troubleshooting.
  3. When prompted, press the enter key to setup Windows.
  4. If you agree with the license agreement, press the F8 key.
  5. If a previous operating system was on the computer that you do not want to keep, it is recommend you delete the partition before installing Windows. To delete the partition, select the partition you want to delete and press the D key and then if you are sure, the L key.
  6. Once the partition has been deleted, press the C key to create a new partition; specify the size of the partition you want to create, by default this should be the maximum size of the partition.
  7. Select the partition you want to install Windows on and press enter to install, and C to continue with the setup.
  8. If you erased the partition, press enter to continue with the formatting of the NTFS file system.
  9. Once the computer has rebooted, do not press any key to boot from the CD and let the computer boot and continue the remainder of the install for Windows 2000.
  10. Complete the remainder of the setup by filling out or setting each of the remaining questions and other options.

After Microsoft Windows 2000 has successfully completed the installation, it is recommended that you update your drivers and you update Windows through Microsoft's Windows Update.

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