Where do I send my computer for repair?

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope

Laptop repairComputer Hope does not have any repair shops. If your computer or computer component needs to be replaced or repaired, refer to the below section that applies to your situation.

Computer is still under warranty

If your computer is still covered under warranty, it is recommended you contact the manufacturer of the computer for information on where you may take it for repair. Many times the warranty will cover the parts and labor for the repair if done through an authorized repair center.

Computer component is under warranty but the computer is not

If a component within the computer that is under warranty, we recommend that you contact the place of purchase or the manufacturer for steps on how it can be exchanged or repaired.

How do I know if a component is under warranty?

When purchasing a hardware device, like any other product, it has a warranty for so many days, months, or years. If you have purchased the computer component that is currently failing, the documentation or receipt should indicate how long the warranty is. If you no longer have the documentation or are unsure about the warranty, contact the manufacturer of the computer component or the place of purchase.

Note: If the hardware component came pre-installed in your computer, it has the same warranty as the computer.

Computer and computer component is out of warranty or has no warranty

If the computer and computer components are no longer in any warranty, you can take your computer to any local computer repair center. If you believe a component in your computer is bad, you may want to consider replacing that product with a new product instead of taking it to a repair store. Many of the components within a computer are not repairable and it is usually cheaper to replace the component.

At this time, Computer Hope does not have a listing of computer repair centers throughout the world. Therefore, we recommend you perform a search for local computer stores and repair centers. If you have a laptop, server, mobile device, or other specialized computer, you may want to ensure that the device is serviced by an experienced repair center.

How much should repair cost?

The severity of your issue, the type of computer or laptop, and the technician's specific rates determine the overall cost of the repair. Most repair shops will charge you for parts and labor, and may have a minimum charge for their time.

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