Unable to restore computer using restore disc

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope
Restore disc

Unfortunately, because all manufacturers create their own style of discs, it can be difficult for third-party support companies such as Computer Hope to troubleshoot a restore disc problem. Below are common problems encountered while trying to restore a computer.

Don't have a restore disc

If you don't have your system restore/recovery disc or didn't create one when you first got the computer, you may be able to restore your system using the hidden system restore partition.


Today, most computer manufacturers are using a hidden partition instead of a restore disc.

Unable to boot to restore disc

If you have a disc but cannot boot from the disc, there may a problem with your boot options or the proper boot device is not being chosen in the Boot Menu. See the below page for further information about this issue.

Error during restore process

If you get an error during the restore process try searching for the error message. The error message may be related to the computer or its hardware (e.g., hard drive) that may require different troubleshooting steps.

Other problems

If you have tried the above suggestions and still encountering problems after multiple tries, we suggested you contact your computer manufacturer.

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