After adding new hardware, the computer does not work

Updated: 01/05/2018 by Computer Hope

new hardware errorAfter adding or upgrading hardware in your computer, it may no longer work. Before following any of the troubleshooting steps below, remove the new hardware and try to boot the computer again. If the computer still does not work after removing the new hardware or upgrade, continue with the suggestions below.

Computer does not power on

Computer does not beep but turns on

If after adding new hardware the computer powers on but you get no beeps or video, follow the POST troubleshooting steps.

Computer no longer loads into Windows

If you are no longer able to get into Windows after installing new hardware and are getting an error while loading, perform a Computer Hope search for the error you are getting.

Otherwise, load the computer into Safe Mode and either reinstall the software that came with the hardware or install the software that game with your hardware device.