How to use the Computer Hope forums

Updated: 12/30/2019 by Computer Hope
Computer Hope forums

Below is a short list of additional information and help with using the Computer Hope forums and frequently asked questions regarding the forums.

Why use the forum and where is it?

The Computer Hope forum have thousands of active participants who are knowledgeable in numerous different fields of computers. Because there are thousands of different people helping in the forums, you will likely get an answer to your question quicker than sending Computer Hope an e-mail.

Visit the Computer Hope forums to ask for help with your questions or get help for issues you are experiencing.

How do I register?

Anyone can view the thousands of posts made by members. However, to create a post or want to ask a question, you must register first. Registering is 100% free, easy, and done by accessing the forum registration page directly or by clicking the register button at the top of the Computer Hope forum home page.

I get the error "Username does not exist."

The username and password are case-sensitive, which means if your username was "chuser" and you attempted to log in as "CHUSER," you would get this error. Make sure you type the username in the same way you typed it in when registering it.

I forgot my password or my password doesn't work

Use the forgot password feature to have your password sent to your e-mail address. If you did not receive this e-mail or no longer have it, you can have a reminder e-mail sent to you. You must either enter your username or e-mail address as a form of verification.

If you still have difficulty with logging into your account, you can also contact the Webmasters for additional help.

How do I change my password?

Once you have created your account and logged in to the Computer Hope forums, you can change your password by clicking the Profile option. In this section, you can change your password and all your other user settings. The password settings are under Account Related Settings.


You cannot see the Profile link if you are not currently logged in and have not made at least one post on the forum.

I forgot my username or get told my e-mail was already in use

An e-mail address can only be registered once on the Computer Hope forums. If you have registered in the past, then you must use the same username you originally registered. You can have a reminder e-mail sent to you with your login information.

How do I post a message?

Before posting a question, we recommend doing a quick search to ensure that it has not already been answered in a previous discussion. You can visit our online help section for quick and easy instructions on how to search the forums.

If you have searched the forums and cannot find the answer to your question, try searching in a specific forum category. For example, if your question relates to Microsoft Windows, you would first open the "Microsoft Windows" category. Once in the category, click the new topic button located in the top-right section of the page to post your message.

If you are viewing a topic and want to make a reply, suggestion, or comment, click the Reply button. The Reply button is located both at the top and bottom of the post composition area. You can use either of these buttons to post your message.

Computer Hope forum rules and legal information

The Computer Hope forum rules, privacy information, and any additional legal information regarding the forums is available on our legal disclaimer.

Why am I banned or prohibited from using the Computer Hope forums?

Users who misbehave or don't follow the Computer Hope forum rules at any time are banned. Users can also be banned from this service if they misbehave in other Computer Hope services such as the Computer Hope chat.

If you are banned from the Computer Hope forums, you are not be allowed to use our service again. No exceptions.

In some situations, users who connect to the Internet with a Modem on popular services such as AOL (America Online) may get a notification that they're banned. Unfortunately, this is because someone using your IP address or e-mail address in the past is banned. These bans can also not be reversed.

How can I report a user for any misbehavior?

Users can report other users or posts by clicking the Report to moderator link on each post, sending the "Computer Hope Admin" a private message. Users can also report other users by sending an e-mail to the Computer Hope webmasters.

How can I modify my signature, sex, birth date, location or other profile settings?

You can modify your profile settings such as your gender, birth date, location, etc. by clicking the Profile button at the top of each page.


You cannot modify your profile until you make at least one post.

Why am I not getting a reply to my message or post?

When using the Computer Hope forums make sure to post your computer question and not send your question directly to Computer Hope or another user.

If you have posted a message on the Computer Hope forums but haven't received an answer to your question, try to be patient. Try checking back again in a few hours or days to see if your post has had a reply. If you continue to not get a response to your post, reply to your post with additional information or ask again.

Why am I getting e-mails from the Computer Hope forum?

You will receive e-mails from Computer Hope if you have selected the option to receive notifications anytime a post or post on a board occurs. You will receive e-mails about these changes. To discontinue these notifications, you can adjust the notifications settings through your profile at the top of each page. In your profile, click the Notifications and Email option and disable the notifications you no longer want to receive.

Does it cost money to become a Computer Hope member?

You are welcome to use the Computer Hope forums as either a guest or a member. To post questions or comments, you must register. Registering to become a member on Computer Hope does not cost money and is 100% free.

How do I post pictures on the forums?

Any forum member can post pictures to help describe or answer a question. To post a picture on the forums, follow either of the steps below.

Post a picture on Computer Hope's server

  1. Create a new message or reply to another message.
  2. In the message topic under the message you are typing, click Additional Options and browse to the location of the image you want to post.

Post a picture on a third-party server

Several free third-party servers locations that host your pictures for you and lets you post those pictures on any other web page.

See the screenshot definition for additional information about capturing screenshots and programs used to help capture screenshots in third-party programs such as games.

How do I edit my post?

Unless you are an administrator or moderator, you can only edit your posts for 30 minutes after the post is made.

How do I delete, edit, or modify my post?

After you have created a post, you may edit or delete the post shortly after it was created. To do this, open the post. At the top-right portion of the post is a Delete and Modify button.


Deleting your post does not delete any other reply in that post. Also, if it's several hours or days after creating your post, you cannot modify or delete that post.

How do I thank someone for their post?

At the bottom-right corner of each post, there's a link that says, "Thank xxxx for their post," where xxxx is the name of the person you're thanking. Clicking that link will thank them.

How do I unsubscribe from the forums?

We hate to see users unsubscribe from the Computer Hope forums. However, for users who want to cancel, unsubscribe, or delete their account, click the Profile button at the top of the page. In the Profile, click the Delete this account link.


To delete the account, you must know the account password.