Can I put a laptop hard drive in a desktop computer?

Updated: 10/30/2017 by Computer Hope

SSDYou can connect a 2.5" (2 1/2") laptop hard drive into a 3.5" (3 1/2") desktop with additional accessories often running between $10 and $20 US dollars. A laptop conversion kit or adapter includes a small PCB that connects to the laptop hard drive and has a standard 40 pin IDE connector and power connector.

Because keeping this hard drive a non-standard upgrade for a desktop computer, you'll need a special mounting bracket to put the 2.5" drive in a 3.5" bay or a 5.25" (5 1/4") bay.

Where do I find these components?

Many of your local computer retailers and stores will carry these converters or kits to do this. If you are unable to find a local retailer who sells this product, there are hundreds of places on the Internet to purchase them. We recommend Amazon or Newegg.