Should I get an extended warranty?

Updated: 01/05/2018 by Computer Hope
Warranty for computers and electronic equipment

We do not recommend purchasing extended warranties. The standard warranty included with most computers is usually sufficient, and an extended warranty can significantly increase the price of a computer. Below are some additional considerations to think about when thinking about purchasing an extended warranty.

Is the standard warranty long enough?

Not all computer manufacturers include a sufficient warranty for their computer to help reduce the overall cost of the computer. Make sure the standard warranty is at least between six months to a year.

What does the extended warranty cover?

See what the extended warranty covers, some extended warranties will not cover all parts in the computer. For example, an extended warranty may not cover an LCD (liquid-crystal display) on a laptop, which is one of the most expensive parts on a laptop.

Does the warranty cover parts, service, and support? Some manufacturers may only cover the parts and not the service, which means you may still have to pay some money when the computer is repaired or serviced.

Does the warranty cover technical support? Some extended warranties may not cover technical support or may require you to call a non toll-free phone number. Make sure support is covered and that it gives you the same quality you have been getting.

Can the extended warranty be purchased later?

Often an extended warranty can be purchased as long as your computer is still within its standard warranty. You will discover often you need the company's support, how often you must have the computer serviced, and how often you must replace parts in the computer. You may also see what the quality of their support and service is.

If you're happy with the support and service but find you frequently need it, you can then purchase the extended warranty.

Does the computer company cover the extended warranty?

Some extended warranties are covered by a third-party company, which means you may not get the same quality of service you did with the standard warranty. If you plan on purchasing an extended warranty, make sure you get the same quality of service you have been getting.