Information on Computer Hope identification (CHID) numbers

Updated: 11/06/2021 by Computer Hope

To help get computer questions answered more efficiently, Computer Hope has developed its own mailing system. Each e-mail sent to Computer Hope is tracked by a unique CHID (Computer Hope identification) number and when answered is later answered on our site for future users.

Where can I view and reply to my e-mail?

You can access and view your past e-mails through the CHID tool.

Is my personal information posted on Computer Hope?

No, your name, e-mail, and any other personal information contained in the e-mail is not posted online. The question may be the only information posted on Computer Hope with no personal identifiable information.

Why was my question not posted?

Although many questions submitted to Computer Hope in e-mail are posted on our website, it may take some time for new pages to be created.

Why does Computer Hope handle e-mail this way?

Trying to handle free computer support over e-mail for the world is a real challenge. To make our responses as fast and efficient as possible, we developed this system to get to incoming e-mail faster and automate tasks that is not possible through traditional e-mail systems.