How do I create forums for my web page?

Updated: 12/31/2017 by Computer Hope

Internet forumWith the wide availability of free forums and low cost forums, we suggest looking at what is available on the Internet before trying to create forum software from scratch. Below is a short listing of some of the more popular and widely used forums on the Internet.

  • Simple Machines - Fantastic free forum system that Computer Hope forums are currently using. If your server supports PHP and MySQL this is a great solution.
  • YaBB - Short for Yet another Bulletin Board, YaBB is a great, free, easy to use and install open source forum that is widely used. In fact, Computer Hope initially used this as its primary forum.
  • phpBB - Another excellent PHP bulletin board that is also widely used.
  • vBulletin - Another great and powerful forum program that requires a small license fee to use.
  • Forumotion - If setting up a forum sounds too involved, consider Forumotion who will host and maintain a forum for you.
  • Search for others - Click here to search for other free bulletin board solutions.

Tip: If you are interested in installing and setting up a forum, we suggest you refer to the company's website for additional setup information and help if you encounter problems.

The above forums and bulletin boards must be installed and set up on a web server that you control. There are web hosting and ISPs, as well as third-party companies, that will set up and run your forum for you. If you're hosting your website through another company, look at their available options and free scripts; often, most will offer a free forum that you can enable on their server.

If your web host does not offer a free forum solution, or is incapable of supporting a forum, you might want to consider using a third-party site. Examples of third-party forum hosts include bestfreeforums, Yuku, and Forumotion.

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