How can I test how many words a minute I can type?

Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope
Typing on a computer keyboard

There are hundreds of different programs and tests you can take on your computer that help judge the speed you type. Below is a short listing of some free online programs and games that help judge how fast you can type.


Adding your WPM or typing speed to your resume is a bonus for anyone looking to get a job with any computer company.


This test is a flash based web test that generates readable random words using phonetic rules. What makes this test unique when compared with the other tests on this page is its ability to not only test your speed and accuracy but also give you an overview of your worst letters. This test also supports multiple languages.

Start the keybr test

Typing Master online test

A great Java typing test program that can measure a user's gross speed, net speed, and accuracy.

Start the Typing Master test

Learn 2 Type

Another great site that helps test your typing speed and also displays the errors on the page. If the test is taken 5 times, an average of all the tests is calculated and can be used for an online typing certificate.

Start the Learn 2 Type test

Typing Test

Another good site that helps test your typing speed as well as display errors made.

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Typer Shark

A great typing game that is available as a free online and offline version for the PC. One of the more sophisticated typing games we've seen, in this game a user must explore the deep sea while looking for treasure. During the exploration you come across shark and fish that have letters and words on them, each word or letter must be typed before they reach your character.

Visit Typer Shark to play or download the game.

As mentioned above, there are literally dozens of free and commercial web pages and software programs that help test your typing speed. If you need a more advanced typing program or want to see what other typing sites are available, you can conduct a search for typing tests.

Typing games

QWERTY Warriors

A fun and slightly addictive game where you're a small character who must type the letters above other characters to shoot them before they get you. Great way to practice typing while having fun.

Play the QWERTY Warriors game

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