How to send messages to other computers

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope
IM or instant messenger

Below are some of the various methods of sending text messages from one computer to another computer. All the following methods of sending messages to other computers will require that the computer have network or Internet connectivity.

Instant messenger

An instant messenger software program is often the easiest method of sending messages to other users on a network or other users on the Internet. However, to send a text messages to other users, they must also have the same instant messenger program or a compatible an instant messenger.

Many instant messengers also can send files and pictures, or even live chat via webcam or using voice communication.

  • See the instant messenger definition for further information about instant messengers as well as a listing of popular instant messenger programs.

Microsoft Windows net send and winpopup commands

Microsoft Windows users can send messages to other Microsoft Windows users on their network using the winpopup or net send commands.

  • Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows 98 users: see the winpopup definition for additional information about this Windows program.
  • All other Microsoft Windows users: see the net command page for additional information about the net command as well as the net send command.

Linux and Unix variants

Linux and Unix users can use one of the following commands to communicate with other users logged into the same network or server. Click on one of the following commands to get additional information about the command.

Other methods of communicating

You can also use any of the following methods of sending and receiving text communications between different users.