How to restore a ChromeOS computer to factory settings

Updated: 11/18/2022 by Computer Hope
Google ChromeOS logo.

Sometimes, users no longer need their ChromeOS (operating system) device, or would like to upgrade to a computer with an operating system that utilizes other programs. To sell your Chromebook or Chromebox, give it to someone else, or need to fix substantial errors, a factory reset is quite helpful.

How to restore factory settings

  1. Turn on your Chromebook and log in to your Google Account.
  2. In the lower-right corner of the screen, click the notification area.

Notification area on a Chromebook.

  1. Click the settings icon from the pop-up menu.

Settings icon on a Google Chromebook.

  1. In the window that appears, on the left side, click the Advanced button to expand the menu, and click the Developers selector.

Developers selector in Advanced settings on a Chromebook.

  1. In the center of the Developers section, under Reset settings, click the Reset button next to Powerwash.

Powerwash location in the Chromebook settings menu.

  1. Click the Restart icon on a Chromebook. button on the prompt.
  2. When your Chromebook restarts, select Powerwash and then Continue.

Alternative way to reset a Chromebook

If the above steps did not help or you cannot access the above settings try the following steps.

  1. If logged in to the Chromebook log out or restart the computer to get to the log in screen.
  2. At the log in screen press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R
  3. Pressing these keys should open the Reset this Chromebook window. In this window, click Powerwash open and continue with the resetting process.