How to spell check text in an online form

Updated: 08/31/2020 by Computer Hope
Spell check

There are several online solutions and third-party toolbars and accessories that lets you spell check text as you type it in an online form. Below is a short list of some of our recommendations.

Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome

Users who are using Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Google Chrome as their Internet browser already have a spellchecker in the browser. Below is an example form with misspellings as an example and a place to test the spellchecker in your browser.


If you're using Internet Explorer, we suggest switching to an alternative browser, as Microsoft has ended support for Internet Explorer.

Example form


LanguageTool logo

LanguageTool is a free add-on for Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera that adds a spell checker to your browser. It supports multiple languages, and includes a grammar checker and a style checker. To install LanguageTool, visit the link for your browser below.

Copy and paste

In addition to the recommendations above, you can copy and paste the text you are typing into a word processor and spell check it. Once everything is corrected, highlight and copy the corrected text, then paste the text into the form you're submitting.

If you only need to spell check a single word, or a few words, paste the text into a search engine that offers spelling suggestions, such as Google. If any words are not spelled correctly, it offers suggestions.