How do I spell check text in an online form?

Updated: 04/01/2018 by Computer Hope

Spell checkThere are several online solutions and third-party toolbars and accessories that allows you to spell check text as you type it in an online form. Below is a short list of some of our recommendations.

Firefox and Chrome

Users who are using Firefox 2.0 or greater or Google Chrome as their Internet browser already have a spellchecker in the browser. If you're using Internet Explorer or another browser we highly suggest considering an alternative browser.

Google Toolbar

We also highly recommend users who are using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to download the third-party Google toolbar, which has its own spell check feature. This toolbar can be downloaded at:

Once downloaded and installed onto the computer wherever you are filling out a form or typing a message in a forum, blogs, bulletin board, diary, guest book, comments, etc. you can click the ABC Check button to perform a spell check on the text field.


Another great free third-party browser spellchecker is SpellBound, which is designed for Mozilla Firefox and the Mozilla suite. A download and install for this program can be found at:


Another great free third-party browser add-on for Microsoft Internet Explorer users that adds a spell check feature into the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. A download and install for this program can be found at:

Copy and paste

Finally, in addition to the above recommendations you can also copy and paste the text you are typing into a word processor and spell check the text through it. Once everything has been corrected copy and paste the text back into the form you're submitting online.

If you are only wanting to spell check a single word or a few words you can also do this by copying the text and pasting it into a search engine with a spell check such as Google. If any words are not spelled correctly it offers suggestions.

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