How to copy a web page link or URL

Updated: 03/06/2020 by Computer Hope

The URL (address) of the web page can be selected, highlighted, and copied to your clipboard from your address bar. After you copy it, you can paste it into another program or document (an e-mail, for example). For additional methods of copying or sharing a URL, continue reading.

Copying an URL (address) using a keyboard and mouse

  1. Highlight the address by moving your mouse cursor over the address bar and clicking the left mouse button once or press the F6 keyboard shortcut to get into the address bar.

Address bar

  1. After the address is highlighted, press Ctrl+C or Cmd+C on the keyboard to copy it. You can also right-click any highlighted section and choose Copy from the drop-down menu.
  2. Once the address is copied, paste that address into another program by clicking a blank field and pressing Ctrl+V or Cmd+V. You may also right-click any highlighted section and choose Paste from the drop-down menu.

Many web pages, including Computer Hope, have a Share or E-Mail link that allows you to share it with friends.

Practice pasting URL

You can practice copying and pasting the URL of this page by following the above steps and then pasting the URL into the text box, below.

If done properly, "" will be in the above box.

Copying an address on a mobile device

  1. Open your preferred mobile Internet browser.
  2. Locate the address link you would like to copy.

If the address bar is not visible, try scrolling up using your finger. Also, keep in mind that an address bar is only going to be visible in a browser app. If you're viewing a web page through another app, it may not be available.

  1. Tap the address bar once to highlight all the text contained within it.
  2. Long press the highlighted text and select Copy.
    • On smaller devices, the symbol for copying text looks like two identical pieces of paper.
  3. Open the app where you would like to paste the address.
  4. Long press again and select Paste.

Practice pasting URL

You can practice copying and pasting the URL of this page by following the above steps and then pasting the URL into the below text box below.

If done properly, "" should be in the above box.

Copying a YouTube video link on website and app


You can also use the how to copy a URL steps mentioned above to copy a YouTube video link. We're including the steps below as an alternative method of copying a video link.

On the desktop and mobile, you can click the share icon that should resemble the share icon shown in the picture below. Once you click the share link, in addition to the social networking services, the URL of the video that can be copied and pasted anywhere.

YouTube share

Shortening a long address or URL

Some web pages may have a long URL that can present problems when it is pasted into another program, especially an e-mail. If the link you are interested in is long (more than 60 characters), copy and paste the URL into a web page that creates a short link. Our favorite short link service is Tiny URL.


There are also many browser add-ons and extensions that you can utilize to make copying long addresses easier.

To copy the address of a web page link or image, right-click the link or image and select Copy link address or Copy image from the drop-down menu that appears. Alternatively, users may view the properties of the link and copy the URL from within that menu.

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