Upgrading to Microsoft Windows Vista recommended steps

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope

Testing the computer for Vista compatibility

Windows VistaMicrosoft has made the upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista easier for users by releasing the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. The Upgrade Advisor is a small program that can be downloaded to the computer you want to test for Windows Vista compatibility.

Once downloaded and installed click the Start Scan button. After the scan has been completed click the details button and Microsoft will suggest what version of Windows Vista is best for your computer.

Recommended steps before installing Vista

Before installing Windows Vista on your computer we suggest you follow the steps below.

  1. Backup your data - As recommended with all previous versions of Windows. If you're upgrading your computer make sure to make a backup of any important data.
  2. Check for hardware compatibility - Make sure to download the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor utility and test your computer for any potential device conflicts. If you any of your devices are not compatible you may want to visit the drivers page for your manufacturer and make sure the device has drivers for Windows Vista.
  3. Check software compatibility - The Advisor also displays potential issues with any software programs installed on the computer and suggest recommendations. Make sure to go through each of these recommendations before upgrading to Windows Vista.
  4. Update - Make sure your computer has all the latest security updates and hardware updates installed.
  5. Verify requirements - Make sure your system meets the Windows Vista system requirements and verify you have the available disk drive space.
  6. Disable and Uninstall antivirus and other security software - antivirus programs and other security software is notorious for causing issues with new Windows installations. Before installing Windows Vista we suggest disabling or uninstalling any antivirus programs or other security software that is installed on the computer.
  7. Have available time - The Windows Vista install takes several hours be prepared to be around the computer for several hours during the install.

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