What is the hhctrl.ocx file?

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope

What is hhctrl.ocx?

hhctrl.ocxThe hhctrl.ocx file is a file created by Microsoft that has a description of "Microsoft HTML Help Control." This file is an ActiveX file that enables a user to view their help interface in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

This file is located in the c:\windows\system32 or c:\winnt\system32 directory and can also be found in the c:\i386 directory.

Is this file a security threat?

This file has been identified as a potential vector of attack. It has a vulnerability that could allow a remote attacker to gain access to information on Windows 2000, XP, NT Server, and 2003 computer running Internet Explorer 6 SP1. If you're running Internet Explorer 7 or later and Windows is up-to-date you should not be effected by this issue.

Full details about this security vulnerability.

Is this file a spyware, Trojan, or virus?

The hhctrl.ocx file included with Microsoft Internet Explorer is not spyware, a Trojan, or a virus. However, like any file on your computer it can become corrupted by a virus or trojan. Antivirus programs can detect and clean this file if it has become infected. Because this file is part of Internet Explorer users should never delete or remove this file if they think it is infected, let the antivirus program handle it.

Can I delete this file?

It is not recommended that users delete this file. Deleting the file can cause issues with Internet Explorer. If you believe your computer is vulnerable to the above security threat making sure Windows is up-to-date will correct this issue.