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Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope

MySpaceThis page contains the questions and answers Computer Hope has received regarding the Internet page MySpace.

What is MySpace?

Founded on July 2003, MySpace has become one of the most popular online communities. It allows any user on the Internet to connect and share their journals, pictures, and interests with their friends and millions of other people on the Internet. Today, MySpace has become one of the most popular and most visited sites on the Internet and has become a great place for people to meet and make new friends.

Additional information about MySpace, including other related pages, can be found on the MySpace definition page.

Is MySpace free?

Yes, MySpace is 100% free. However, it requires a valid e-mail address for many of the customization features.

Should I allow my child to have a MySpace account?

This decision is best left to the parent. However, with the popularity of MySpace, especially among students, it is inevitable that if your child wants a MySpace account, they'll set one up. Parents should take an active roll with their children if this is something they're interested in doing and make sure you and your child sets up a private profile (explained below). If however, you believe this is not something your child should participate in, consider an Internet filter or other software designed to block MySpace from your home computer.

How do I make my profile private?

After logging into MySpace from your Home, click the Account Settings link. Within Account Settings, click the Privacy Settings link. Within the Privacy Settings, you'll be able to adjust all your settings, including making your profile private by clicking My Friends Only.

My School, Work, or home is blocking MySpace.

It is common for schools, businesses, and other computers to block MySpace because of Internet policies or other reasons. Computer Hope will not assist users in bypassing filters, rules, firewalls, or any other setups that prevent users from accessing MySpace. Often users who attempt or successfully get around these security measures will encounter penalties, such as being fired from a job or suspended from school.

How can I modify my MySpace account?

After logging into MySpace from your Home, click on any of the below options to edit your account.

  • Edit Profile - Allows you to adjust settings about yourself, including your interests, personality, name, gender, occupation, address, height, sex, birth date, schools, companies, and other similar settings.
  • Account Settings - Allows you to change your e-mail address and how you receive e-mail from MySpace, time zone, privacy settings, and other related settings.
  • Add/Edit Photos (Videos) - Allows you to post your personal pictures and videos.
  • Manage Calendar - Allows you to create events that will be posted on your MySpace page.
  • Manage Blog - Allows you to post what you're up to, view who's reading your posts, and more. See the weblog definition for additional information about this term.
  • Manage Address Book - Allows you to keep a list of all your contacts by name and e-mail.

Where do I arrange my top MySpace friends?

From your MySpace account homepage, scroll down to the My Friend Space section and click the Change my 'Top Friends' option. In the Edit your top friends section, you'll be able to drag and drop friends you want in or out of your Top Friends. Once you've completed arranging your top friends, click the Save Top Friends button.

How do I customize my page?

Besides editing personal information about yourself, MySpace also supports the ability to use HTML and CSS to customize how your personal page looks. All code that is used to modify the look of the page is done through the About Me section under the Profile Edit. Below are some common requests on how to edit the MySpace page.

Each of the examples below would be placed in-between the <style type="text/css"> and </style> tags and added into the About Me box.

Changing the font, background color, and background image.

body {
font-family : Arial, Verdana;
background-image: url(;

In the above example, the background-color is used to tell the browser what color to use as the background. In the above example, the background color is a dark blue.

Next, the font-family is the default family to use. In the above example, we're telling the browser to display text in Arial, if available, and if not, Verdana.

Finally, the background-image is the location of the image you want to use for your background.

Changing the link properties.

A:link { COLOR: 000000; }
A:visited { COLOR: 808080; }
A:active { COLOR: 000000; }
A:hover { COLOR: FF0000; }

In the above example, there are four different examples of how the link colors can be changed.

First, the A:link is the default link color. Above, we chose black.

Next, the visited link or A:visited is the color to use if the user has already visited that link.

Next, the A:active is the link color to use when the user clicks the link.

Finally, the A:hover is the color to use when the user is hovering their mouse over a link.

Where can I find information about color codes?

Each of the above examples that adjust the color properties of text are using HTML color codes. Although we recommend using these codes, you can also specify "red" instead of FF0000.

Where can I find places that will create site templates for me?

There are numerous sites that have been created especially for users to create their own personalized templates that can be used with MySpace. Below is a short list of some of the more popular places. These sites offer code that you can copy and paste into the About Me section and automatically get all changes immediately.

How can I hide some of the Windows displayed on my profile?

You can hide or remove the extended network window displayed on your MySpace page by copying the below code and pasting it into your About Me window, in the Profile Edit section. If you already have a CSS style sheet defined, copy the code in-between the style tags and place it in-between the style tags in your About Me window. Increasing and decreasing the relative position will move the window up and down. In the example below, the value is set to 200.

<style type="text/css">
table td table tr td.text table {visibility:hidden;}
table td table tr td.text table table, table td table tr td.text table table td.text {visibility:visible;}
td.text table {position:relative; top:-200px;}
td.text table table {position:static;}

How can I add music to my site?

After logging into MySpace from your Home, click the Account Settings link. Within Account Settings, click the Song & Video on Profile link. Within this section, click the Find a band in MySpace Music link and search for the artist or song you'd like to add to your MySpace profile. Locate the song you want to add your profile and then click the add link to the right of it.

Once the song has been added, go back into the Song & Video on Profile section if you want to make adjustments, such as disabling the song from automatically playing each time someone visits your profile.

How can I find family and friends on MySpace?

From the MySpace page, click the Search link on the top bar. On the Search page, you'll be able to search for users by name or e-mail, search for classmates by school, or search for users who share common interests.

How can I contact MySpace.

All contact information for this company can be found on our MySpace company page.

Where can I find additional help?

MySpace has an extensive FAQ on their site, containing many of the frequently asked questions they receive.

Additional information

  • See our MySpace definition for further information and related links on this term.