How to post an image or picture to my StumbleUpon blog

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope

Below are two different methods of how a user can add an image or picture to their StumbleUpon account

Users with the StumbleUpon toolbar

  1. Find the image or picture you want to add to your blog.
  2. Right-click the image or if you're using an Apple Macintosh with no right-click press the Open Apple key and then click with your mouse button to open the options of the image.
  3. In the options menu locate and click the "Stumble Photoblog It!"
  4. A StumbleUpon window opens where you can upload and describe an image. It displays a web page showing other users who have also enjoyed the image. In either of these windows you should be able to make comments in the review box or if you just want to add the image click the submit button.

Users without the StumbleUpon toolbar

If you have chose to not install the StumbleUpon toolbar or your browser does not support StumbleUpon you can still add images using the HTML img tag. Below are the steps on how to do this. If these steps seem too complicated and your browser does not support you may want to consider moving to a different browser such as Firefox.

  1. Locate the image you want to add to your blog, and right-click it (if you're using a Macintosh with a single-button mouse, press the Apple key and then click it).
  2. The action should open the available options for the image. Click Properties.
  3. In the information displayed, select the URL or location of the image and copy it.

    For example, for the image below if done properly you should have the image URL as:

    Computer Hope

    Copy the address of the image so it can be used later.
  4. Get to your personal StumbleUpon blog ("Stumbler") that contains any past comments or reviews. For example, the Computer Hope Stumbler is located at
  5. Once at your blog click the "Post to Blog" button.
  6. The blog post supports the ability to add the img, href, and other HTML tags, which allows you to post images and links into your blog. For users who are not familiar with how to do this below are examples of how this can be done.

    To add an image copy the address you obtained earlier in-between the quotes in <img src="">. So for our above example the code would look like the example below.

    <img src="">

    If you want the image to link to a web page add the link in-between the quotes in <a href=""></a> and place the <img src> tag in-between > and </a>. So if you wanted to link to Computer Hope using the above image your code would look like the example below.

    <a href=""><img src=""></a>
  7. Once added you can add any additional comments or remarks about the image before or after the above code and click the Submit button to add the picture to your blog.

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