Computer never stops beeping or has solid beep

Updated: 06/30/2020 by Computer Hope

If you are hearing constant beeps or a solid beep sound, review the troubleshooting options below for help on resolving the issue.

Keyboard or another non-POST issue


If the computer boots and works normal, apart from the constant beeping or solid beep, it's likely you're encountering a keyboard or system case issue.

Not passing POST

If your computer is not booting or you are not getting any display, your computer is not passing the POST. Often the beep code is caused by one of the following reasons.

  1. One or more of the fans are not working or do not have a power connection connected to them. Open your computer and verify that all power connections are firmly connected. Verify each of the fans are working by leaving the case open and turning on the computer. If your video card has a fan, it also may have a power connector. Make sure a power connector is also firmly connected to the video card.
  2. Computer is not passing the POST because of improper connections or damaged hardware. Follow all POST troubleshooting steps.

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