Troubleshooting a bad video card

Updated: 01/05/2018 by Computer Hope

Note: This page is for troubleshooting a bad video card, before following the steps below we suggest you go through the no display troubleshooting steps. No display can be a monitor related issue, not a post issue, or a video card related issue.

Caution: Each of the steps will require that you open and work inside your computer. While inside the computer make sure you're aware of the potential ESD dangers.

Reseat the video card

Video cardIf your video card is not on-board, verify that it's not loose by removing the video card from its slot in the motherboard and then reseating it.

Exchange video

If reseating the video card has not resolved the issue, or your video card is on-board and you have access to another known working video card, try an alternative video card in the computer.

Replace video card

If an alternative video card didn't work or you do not have an alternative video card to try, we suggest purchasing a new video card to replace the defective video card in the computer.

If an alternative video card didn't work, and replacing the video card with a new one did not resolve the issue, it's likely a defective motherboard and should be replaced.

Replace motherboard

If all the above steps have not resolved the issue, you have a bad motherboard. If you feel comfortable replacing the motherboard, see our Computer motherboard buying tips for help on buying the right motherboard for your computer. Otherwise, we suggest having the computer serviced at a local computer repair shop.

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