After uploading an update to my web page, it looks the same

Updated: 05/21/2018 by Computer Hope

Save page

First, make sure the page you are uploading is saved on your computer or server. If the page has not been saved, you are uploading the page without any changes. Not saving the page may seem obvious, but it is not an uncommon cause of this problem.

Refresh page


If the page is saved, your Internet browser may be loading the page from its cache instead of from the web server. To reload the web page from the server, refresh the browser, which can often be done by pressing the F5 key on the keyboard.


Doing a hard refresh (pressing Ctrl+F5) may also help make sure everything is not loading from a cached version on your computer.

Uploaded again

If you have uploaded the file to a different directory or it was corrupted during the upload, it will not change the page you are refreshing. Try uploading the files again and make sure they are in the right directory.

Clear browser cache

If you continue to encounter issues, try to clear all of the Internet browsers cache (history).


Run the browser in incognito mode, so nothing is cached or loaded from cache.


If you are uploading an update to a page or image, and are not seeing changes, give it a few minutes. Some servers, such as a server on a CDN must replicate the information across multiple servers, which can take time. If you're using a service such as CloudFlare, you may also need to delete the cached version of the web page on their servers through the CloudFlare website.

Delete and re-upload the page

If the above recommendations do not work, try deleting the page on the server. Refresh your browser to get an error about the missing page, upload the page with new changes, and refresh the browser window again.

Other issues

If you continue to experience issues with seeing changes that have been made to an uploaded page, you may require assistance from your network administrator or Internet service provider. For example, if you are network is using a proxy, that page may be cached on that server and not loading the pages with new changes. For additional assistance, we suggest contacting your administrator or service provider.

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