Questions regarding refurbished computers and hardware

Updated: 01/05/2018 by Computer Hope

Below is a listing of some common questions regarding refurbished products.

How can I tell if a computer or computer part is a refurbished part?

RefurbAlthough most manufacturers may mark the computer or computer part as a refurbished part, some manufacturers will not. Therefore, inspecting a computer or computer part to see if the words "Refurbished" are on it is not always the best way to determine if a computer or part is refurbished. However, most manufacturers do keep a record of what computers are refurbished by the model number or serial number. Therefore, calling the manufacturer and giving them the model and serial number will be the best way to determine if a computer or computer part is refurbished.

Note: Manufacturers and retailers are required in the United States to list products as "refurbished", "referb", or otherwise state the product has been opened or previously used.

Advantages of a refurbished computer or computer part?

Price - Refurbished computers and computer parts should always be cheaper than the non-refurbished parts and computers.

Re-tested and Re-worked - A refurbished computer is re-tested and may also be fixed, repaired, or updated, making sure the computer or computer part works and will not fail.

Disadvantages of a refurbished computer or computer part?

Warranty - Most refurbished computers and computer parts are not covered under the same warranty or may not even have a warranty. Make sure to check what the warranty for the refurbished computer or part has.

Missing parts - Products that have been sold or used by other people can have missing manuals, documentation, installation CDs, and parts.

Possible failure - If the computer or computer part is not significantly tested for failures after being fixed or being re-sold, it's possible that failure could occur after purchasing it. However, this is always going to be the case with any computer or computer part purchased.

Are refurbished computers slower than non-refurbished computers?

No, refurbished computer or computer part is going to be the same as the non-refurbished computer or computer part, just that it has been sold or opened by another person in the past.

Note: If the computer is not a standard OEM computer, different parts may have been used. Not all companies are the same and may have different policies than what was stated above. Therefore, if you are concerned, review the specifications of both computers or computer parts you are looking to buy to verify they are the same.

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