How do I degauss a computer CRT monitor?

Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope
Icons used in CRT monitor setup

Degaussing a computer monitor can help correct and fix any visual distortions being displayed on a CRT monitor and can also often improve the overall picture being displayed on the monitor.

To degauss the monitor, open the monitor setup through the buttons found on the front of the monitor. Use the buttons on your monitor to navigate all available options. (If you're having trouble using the buttons or viewing your options, consult your monitor's manual. If you don't have the manul, you can download it from the manufacturer's website.)

One of the options should be degauss. The picture on the right shows monitor icons including the degauss icons.

Once selected, your monitor should make a loud noise and the display will appear to go distorted for a few seconds. If this occurs you've successfully degaussed your monitor.

LCD and flat-panel display users

The technology used to create the picture in an LCD, flat-panel display, laptop, and any other non CRT monitor is not the same. Therefore there is no degaussing option available for these displays.

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