How to find what time a movie starts and get reviews

Updated: 05/05/2017 by Computer Hope

Find out what time a movie starts

MoviesGoogle - - Using the Google search engine and typing your zip code followed by "movie times" is an easy and fast method of finding movie times. For example, typing "84084 movie times", displays all theaters around that area code, movies they're showing, reviews, and the times they start. Clicking the above link also takes you directly to the movies section of Google.

Yahoo! Movies - - Another fantastic service provided by Yahoo! that allows users to search for movie theaters in their area and their movie times. Also, the site has an excellent collection of movie news, reviews, trailers, etc.

Web pages with movie comments, reviews, ratings, etc.

IMDB - - THE location for movie information, reviews, comments, information about actors and actresses, other crew information, quotes, and pretty much anything else you could think to ask about a movie.

MRQE - - A fantastic site that allows you to enter the name of any movie and get a listing of hundreds of different reviews from sources all around the Internet. A great way to determine the rating of a movie.

Rotten tomatoes - - Another fantastic site and community that contains movie reviews, news, trailers, and more.

Additional information

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