Missing administrator login on Windows XP

Updated: 01/05/2018 by Computer Hope

Windows XPNote: By default, Microsoft Windows XP home and Professional will not display the option to log into the administrator account on the Windows welcome screen when logging into Normal mode. Safe Mode will, however, allow you to log into the administrator account.

Tip: It's not recommended that you use the actual Administrator account. Instead, use an alternate account with administrative privileges. Below are the steps for logging into the administrator account and not steps on how to create an account with administrator rights.

Windows XP Home users

Windows XP Home has no option that allows users to log into the administrator account outside of Windows Safe Mode. We suggest creating another account with administrative rights.

Other Windows XP version users

Download and install the Windows XP Power Tools with TweakUI. Once installed, follow the steps below.

  1. Open TweakUI through the "Powertoys for Windows XP" folder in your Start Menu.
  2. In TweakUI click the Logon
  3. In the Logon Settings check the box 'Show "Administrator" on welcome screen' and click Ok.

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