What is my IP address?

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope
IP address

When trying to determine your IP address, remember the following.

Local IP vs. online IP

If you are on a home network or behind a router, your local or internal IP address will be different than the one shown online. See the steps in determining your local network IP address.

Dial-up modem IP address

If you are connecting to the Internet with a modem (dial-up), your IP address will almost always be different each time you connect to the Internet.

Your IP address can change

Although many broadband Internet service providers give a static IP address to their users, the IP address can still change.

Steps on determining your IP address

To determine your external IP address, use the free System Information utility, which shows your IP address, hostname, and more information about your computer.

You can also review our page on how to find the IP address of my computer network card.

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