Can I get my restore CD to work on another computer?

Updated: 03/06/2020 by Computer Hope
Restore disc

This page is relating to an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) restore CD (compact disc) and not a standard Microsoft Windows CD purchased from a retail store. A Microsoft Windows CD works with any computer.

Restore and recovery CDs used by an OEM are designed for the computer it came with, and therefore don't work with other computers. Often a restore CD made by the same manufacturer may not even work with other computers from the same manufacturer. If you lost the disc that came with your computer, contact the computer manufacturer to obtain a new copy or download a copy from the Internet.

What happens if I use another computer's disc?

If successful at getting the restore CD to start and complete, it's likely you could encounter hardware issues. Restore CDs install drivers specific to certain hardware. Therefore, unless Windows has drivers for your hardware, you'll be missing some.