Laptop vs. Netbook

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope
laptop vs. netbook

When looking for a portable computer, you may be offered the option between purchasing a traditional laptop or netbook. Below we created a chart that compares the two and gives you the pros and cons of each and help make your purchase easier.

Topic Laptop Netbook
Cost Laptop's have more features than a netbook, and cost more to manufacture. If cost is an important factor, a netbook may be a better choice. Netbooks are usually affordable since they are much smaller and have fewer components.
Processor Although there are cheap laptops, the processor with most laptops is a lot better than the processors found in most netbooks. The processor is one of the most expensive components in a computer. Therefore, the processor is usually a low-end processor. Using a low-end processor may degrade your experience when doing more intensive tasks such as watching movies or playing games.
Keyboard size Larger laptops come with a larger keyboard, making it easier to type on for users who plan on typing a lot. Because of their small sizes, netbooks have a smaller keyboard. If you need to type a lot make sure to play with the keyboard first. Some users have an almost impossible time typing on a netbook.
Transport Because of its larger size, carrying around a laptop could be more of a burden for some users. With their much smaller sizes, netbooks are a lot easier to carry around. For females, these can often even be carried in a purse.
Screen size Again a laptop is going to have a much larger screen size than a netbook. Making it much easier to read and view. Netbooks are much smaller making the screen much smaller. Like the keyboard, we highly recommend you look at the netbook before buying it, to make sure it works for you.
Hard drive Cheaper laptops often use a 5400 RPM hard drive, which can be slow when it comes to opening a program or otherwise accessing the drive. Netbooks use an SSD drive instead of a hard drive. Although these drives have a smaller storage capacity, they perform faster when accessing data.
Disc drive Like any traditional computer, almost all laptops come with a disc drive capable of reading and even creating CD's and DVD's. Many netbooks do not include a disc drive. If you wanted to load something from a disc, play a movie, or listen to a CD an external drive needs to be connected.
OS Almost every laptop is capable of supporting any operating system. Which means you can run the latest version of Windows with no issues. Because many netbooks are stripped down to help lower the overall cost and power consumption, many netbooks run Linux or a previous version of Windows.

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