Can I have more than one Internet browser installed?

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope
Google Chrome browser

Yes, in fact, it is something we recommend. Many Microsoft Windows users are under the impression that they are stuck with Microsoft Internet Explorer as their only browser. The same goes for Apple users thinking they are stuck with Safari. However, a browser is only a software program. Like other programs, you can have as many on your computer as you like and even have them running at the same time with no conflicts. Below is a listing of the top alternative browsers you may want to consider trying.

Alternative browsers include:

Why should I run an alternative browser?

Often because an alternative browser may have something that is not available with the browser you are currently using. Many times we hear from users who try a different browsers on how much they like the look or feel of the new browser, how much faster it is, or how many more options or add-ons are available.

For anyone who designs websites, having more than one browser is a must because the page you are designing may appear different or not work in one browser, but may work in another.

Is it safe to run multiple browsers at the same time?

Yes, because they all act independently, you can run different browsers at the same time.