How to fix the Windows NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM error

Updated: 03/06/2020 by Computer Hope

Corrupt or failing hard drive

ntfs file system error

Boot the computer into Safe Mode and follow the steps below.

Once in Safe Mode click Start, Run and in the run line type cmd and press Enter. At the command prompt type chkdsk /f to fix any errors on the hard drive. If any errors are found, it's also advisable you run ScanDisk on the computer and have it fix any errors found.

Disable backup programs, disk tools, and alternative antivirus

Any programs running in the background designed to help backup your data, disk tools such as third-party disk defragment tools, and some antivirus programs can cause this issue. Disable any backup programs and disk tools running on your computer. Because antivirus programs can also cause this we suggest uninstalling your current antivirus and installing an alternative antivirus to help keep the computer protected.

Reinstall Windows

If the problem happens while installing Windows or immediately after reinstalling Windows, we suggest restoring Windows using the system restore CD (compact disc), Windows setup CD, or hidden partition. To help verify this isn't a hard drive issue, we suggest during the setup, you delete and recreate all the partitions on the hard drive, format the drive, and then install Windows. If you encounter any errors during the format process, the hard drive is bad and should be replaced.

Bad hardware

Finally, if after all the above steps are followed you still cannot install or boot into Windows you may have a hardware problem. Your computer may have a bad hard drive, bad cable, or bad motherboard connection. We suggest first replacing the hard drive in the computer.