Help and tips with getting more out of your laptop battery

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope

Laptop batteryBelow are suggestions and tips that can be followed to help extend or make your laptop battery last longer after each charge.

Used power saver or recommended setting

Open the power settings by clicking the battery icon in the Systray. Make sure your laptop is set to either Power saver or xxxx Recommended where "xxxx" is the name of the company of the laptop (e.g., HP Recommended).

Decrease brightness

Decrease the brightness of your screen as much as possible by adjusting the power options as mentioned above.

Disconnect any accessories

Any external accessory such as a USB device, external backup, etc. is going to draw power from the computer. Make sure to unplug any of these devices when on battery. Using the touchpad instead of a USB computer mouse can also help battery life.

Keep your computer running fast

Make sure your computer is running at its peek performance by following the below suggestions. A computer that is running more efficiently is going to take less power.

  1. Make sure you're computer has all the latest updates and driver updates.
  2. If you're running Windows that you're defragging the computer frequently to keep the hard drive from having to work too much.
  3. If you have an antivirus scanner on the computer make sure its scheduled scans are not going to be running while it's running off of the battery.
  4. When working off a laptop try limit how much you multitasking you do. The more programs that are open the more processing it's going to take.
  5. Lower the screen resolution.

Use hibernate instead of using standby

When closing the lid or pressing the power button make sure it's set to go into hibernation instead of standby. When in standby the laptop is still using some power.

Don't use or if available disable hardware peripherals

Try to avoid using the CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc drive in the computer while running off the battery. If you want to listen to a CD, rip the audio from that CD to the computer and play the MP3 files.

Also, make sure to disable wi-fi if you're not planning on using it.

Third-party battery utilities

Consider third-party battery utilities such as BatteryCare that can give you additional status and information on your battery.

Battery slice or extra battery

If your battery life still is still insufficient after following the above steps, you may want to consider getting an extra battery or battery slice.

Keep the battery healthy

Replace the battery

If after following the suggestions above your battery still doesn't hold a charge it's likely its capacity is depleted. We suggest replacing the battery.

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