How long should a laptop battery last?

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope

How long should a laptop battery last after each charge?

Laptop battery

After the laptop has gone through a full single charge and the power adapter is unplugged, the average laptop battery life is between one and ten hours. This time is dependent on the battery, its capacity (mAH), what's being done on the laptop, and how old the battery is. Over time, the laptop battery's capacity decreases, meaning the battery needs to be recharged more frequently than when you first got the laptop and continues to decrease over time.

The more programs that are open and running on your laptop, the less time the battery holds a charge. When more programs are open, it requires more power for the laptop to keep the programs running. Other factors that affect the battery life include the brightness of the screen, an active WiFi connection for Internet service, and if you are consuming media. Each of these also reduce battery life.

What's the overall life of a laptop battery?

A laptop computer battery should last between two and four years, or around 1,000 full charges. The total lifetime of a battery is dependent on many factors. These factors include battery type (NiCad, NiMH (nickel-metal hydride), or Li-ion), how often the battery is used, and its age.