What FTP programs can I use to send and receive files?

Updated: 08/31/2020 by Computer Hope
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Below is a short listing of some programs for connecting to an FTP server from your computer.

  1. FileZilla - A fantastic free and our recommended FTP and SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) program with everything most users need.
  2. WinSCP - Another fantastic and free FTP, SFTP, SCP utility that also supports scripting.
  3. SmartFTP - A great FTP with everything most users need.
  4. CuteFTP - Another popular and widely used FTP program.
  5. Internet Explorer - Users who have Microsoft Internet Explorer on their computer can also use Internet Explorer to connect to FTP servers.

Also, many computers, including all Microsoft Windows computers, Linux computers, and macOS computers, come with a command line FTP command.