Getting my company added to the Computer Hope listing

Updated: 01/05/2018 by Computer Hope
Computer Hope

Computer Hope is visited daily by hundreds of thousands of users. If you're an employee of a computer company not listed on our third-party support page, send us your company information, including phone number, address, web page, and e-mail.

Edit company listing

If your company is already listed but you would like to update the information, click the "Edit this page" link in the Tools on the left bar of your company's page.


Only submit your company if it meets the below qualifications.

  1. The company is not a computer repair shop. Unfortunately, these shops come and go too often for us to keep the information properly updated.
  2. The company is the manufacturer or developer of a computer-related product.
  3. The company has a website.
  4. You understand that Computer Hope reserves the right to not list your company.