Where do I find crackz, hackz, and scriptz?

Updated: 06/01/2020 by Computer Hope
Software piracy

Crackz, hackz, scriptz, or other software or scripts that help enable a user to gain additional access to computer systems and information or run a program they have not legally purchased. Computer Hope does not offer these programs or information about these programs. We suggest reading the reasons below why you should not use these programs or techniques on your computer.

  1. Obtaining access to information or computers without permission is illegal and you could face criminal prosecution, which could result in a fine or imprisonment.
  2. Some software that may claim to do one thing may do another. For example, software that may promise to give you access to another individual's computer may allow other hackers to access your information (aka Trojan horses).
  3. Crackz, like all illegal software, frequently contain computer viruses and other malware.
  4. If you are in need of crackz, more than likely you are using pirated software, which is illegal.
  5. These programs are notorious for causing computer issues, because they're often written without any error checking routines.

I lost my CD key or other unique number, which is why I need a crack

I want a hack, crack, or script utility to learn from it

There are so many more ways to legitimately learn about computers than taking the risks in getting these utilities. Consider learning an alternative operating system, like Linux, set up computer networks, read security bulletins, read security news and advisories, and learn more about programming languages.