My computer reboot during a BIOS update

Updated: 10/19/2017 by Computer Hope

Warning: If your computer freezes or reboots while a BIOS update is being written unfortunately this can corrupt your computers Flash BIOS causing your computer to no longer boot properly.

Reset the BIOS

Dual BIOSBecause the actual BIOS is corrupted it must either be reset or replaced. With some computer motherboards it may be possible to restore the default BIOS settings using a jumper on the motherboard. Refer to the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer manual to see if this is possible. Often the jumper will be labeled as Reset BIOS.

Note: This should not be confused with the reset CMOS jumper as it only resets your stored CMOS values stored in the CMOS battery and not the actual flash BIOS. Resetting the CMOS with the Reset CMOS jumper or removing the battery and putting it back into the computer will not resolve this issue.

Replace BIOS

If you're unable to reset your BIOS, or your motherboard does not have this jumper, contact the OEM or motherboard manufacturer for further suggestions. Many times, you can get a replacement BIOS chip if yours no longer works.

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